Mary Rose

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
Tue 2 Jul 2024 10:30am

Mary Rose

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
Tue 2 Jul 2024 10:30am Morning

The Mary Rose was a war ship in Henry VIII’s "Army by Sea", built in Portsmouth. 
Launched in 1511, the Mary Rose would go on to fight in wars against France and Scotland in a career spanning 34 years.
On 19th July 1545, during the Battle of the Solent, the Mary Rose sank with the loss of around 500 soldiers and sailors. Despite it happening in full view of the French and English fleets, there is still debate as to why she sank.
The Mary Rose Museum now displays and conserves this historic ship.
Your ‘Ultimate Explorer’ ticket will allow you to visit all the artefacts in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, including HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and take a Harbour Tour – weather permitting.

Coach Pick-up times - Mary Rose and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
                                               Tuesday 2nd July 2024

1. Crowthorne - Body Image/Iron Duke:             8.30am
2. Crowthorne - Duke's Ride:                                    8.35
3. Nine Mile Ride-1:                                                        8.38
4. Nine Mile Ride/Kiln Ride:                                        8.40 **** see below
5. Luckley Oakfield:                                                        8.45
6. Rose Street:                                                                   8.55
7. ‘Three Frogs’:                                                                9.00
Departure from Portsmouth to return:              4.30pm

The bus stop is outside number 252D Nine Mile Ride (opp.Barbers) the coach will then proceed into Kiln Ride. This will assist those wishing to walk to the stop and for those driving as they can park in Kiln Ride.